About Us

Dr. Matt Lovato


A letter from our 2018 President

Physicians Who Care was developed and is owned and operated exclusively by the local physicians of Etowah County. PWC is not associated with nor influenced by any outside organizations. We are unique as we are the only physician non-profit organization in the United States that can make that claim.
We are doctors who understand that, in today’s world, we have a greater responsibility than simply treating our patients’ illnesses. Since third parties (insurance companies, hospitals, and governmental regulators) have intruded into the physician-patient relationship, we must intercede on our patients’ behalf to see that they receive the care needed. As physicians, we are the only ones with the knowledge and opportunity to be “patient advocates”.
We believe that medical decisions should be made by the patients and their physicians, not by insurance companies or government agencies. However, these outside influences do exist and very often attempt to dictate or influence medical treatment. We are often the only defense patients have against having their medical decisions dictated by financial concerns rather than what is in their best interest.
PWC is devoted to the medical and local community about these concerns and improving healthcare in our area. Our annual events include the PWC 5K Race that benefits The Etowah County Cancer Foundation, our health fair, physicals for area high school athletes, and Christmas shopping for disadvantaged youth.
Over the years, PWC has had many accomplishments. A few of these include a permanent office in the Chamber of Commerce, bringing HealthSouth Hospital to Gadsden, and greatly reducing managed care in Etowah County. The office gives us a public presence in the community and allows us to provide a location for the Etowah County Medical Society.
Updated information on events, education, and important news in the world of medicine is offered to area physicians and the general public at www.physicianswho.care. The 2019- 2020 Physicians Directory is also accessible on the website. The current list of members is made up of Physicians in Gadsden who are committed patients’ advocates.
Our goal is to make the public aware of third party influences affecting their medical care and to make them aware of the physicians who are willing to intercede on their behalf to ensure they receive the best possible medical care.

Respectfully Yours,
Seth G. Spotnitz